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“The Observer”, as it’s commonly known, was established as a weekly newspaper by C.J. Randall in the spring of 1885 under the masthead of The Kimball Observer. The first issue was published on May 15, 1885 and its still being printed today. The newspaper’s name has been changed several times over the years but it has always contained the word “Observer” in the title. The final and remaining title is The Western Nebraska Observer.

The index displayed here is co-produced, sponsored and maintained by the Kimball Public Library as a free resource to the general public. Rather than repeating or duplicating the obituaries which have already been published on the Observer’s website we will link to them directly from the index. The first obituary on the Observer’s website is dated Dec. 13, 2012 for Helyn Wheeler. Obituaries prior to that date will be scanned and added as time and resources permit.

  • Project Name: Western Nebraska Observer obituaries (19__ – 20__)
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