Digitized Periodicals
(Magazines, Newsletters, Quarterlies, Journals, etc.)

Publications grouped by Volume Year – Most current issue listed first

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Members of this site have access to all the of periodical type publications that we currently subscribe to or have scanned/digitized.
None of the publications listed below is a complete run of every issue of that title however we will continue to try and locate the missing issues and hopefully add them to this collection.
Titles are listed alphabetically and grouped by type of publication with the number of issues digitized in parenthesis.
Join us to gain immediate access to these publications and everything else we add to this site.

  • Magazines
    • Internet Genealogy magazine (18)
  • Quarterlies
    • ENGS Roots and Leaves (21)
    • FKGS Buffalo Chip (4)
    • NSGS Nebraska Ancestree (159)
  • Family Association Newsletters
    • Diggin’ for Davis’ (77)
    • Lybarger Linkages (2)
    • Maybee Society Communicator (1)
    • The Court Messenger – Journal of the Association of Philippe du Trieux Descendants (2)
  • Newsletters (Nebraska)
    • Cheyenne County Genealogical Society newsletter (1)
    • Custer County Times newsletter (2)
    • Dodge County Historical Society / May Museum newsletter (9)
    • Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society newsletter (26)
    • Greater Omaha Genealogical Society newsletter (3)
    • Japanese Hall newsletter (5)
    • Legacy of the Plains Museum newsletter (7)
    • Lincoln & Lancaster County Genealogical Society newsletter (3)
    • Madison County Genealogical Society newsletter (2)
    • Nebraska State Genealogical Society newsletter ()
    • Nebraska State Historical Society newsletter (6)
    • Platte Valley Kin Seekers newsletter (3)
    • Washington County Historical Association newsletter (1)
  • Newsletters (non-Nebraska)
    • CA – PastFinder – Silicone Valley Computer Genealogy Group (6)
    • NY – Schenectady County Historical Society newsletter (4)
    • OH – Hancock Heritage (1)

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