Lewellen, Jack Chester

  • Born: 1922 ~ Bayard, NE
  • Highest Rank: Sonarman First
  • Branch of Service: Navy
  • Dates of Service: 1942-1952 / WW2 & Korean War
  • Unit of Service: West Coast Sona School
                        USS Caldwell (DD605)
                        USS Blenny (SS524)
                        USS Gurke
  • Entrance to Service: Enlisted
  • Locations of Service: Aleutian Campaign; Inchon-Korea
  • POW?: No
  • Service Related Injury: No
  • Medals or Special Service Awards:


  • Interviewed by:  Betty Hubbs & Floyd Smith III
  • Date of Interview:
  • Place of Interview: West Nebraska Family Research & History Center
  • Length of Interview:
  • The interview will be posted online soon.



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