Minatare Reporter

The Minatare Reporter was published as a weekly newspaper beginning on Thursday, August 20,1914 by C.M. Lee.

More details will be added at a later date.

We have 44 issues between two volume years digitized at this time but may add more to this collection at some point in the future.  If you’re interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring the digitization of this newspaper please contact us and let us know, we would be happy to discuss options with you.

The issues posted here are displayed as both “bi-tonal” and “grayscale” scans. Bi-tonal scans are plain black and white images with absolutely no shading variations at all, Grayscale images are produced with 256 shades or variations of gray. Most of the time bi-tonal images are much easier to read but grayscale images produce much better photographic reproductions.

Vol #1 – (1914-15)
Vol #2 – (1915-16)


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