Donation Policy

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center accepts many types of gifts and donations as specified on our “You Too Can Help” page. This page however outlines our policy on accepting donations. Simply put, we’ll accept just about any type of items that can be used to help researchers with their family history research project.

Prior to the publishing date of this post we pretty much accepted donations via a hand-shake and an expression of gratitude, but times are a changin’ so we now require a signed donation form when we accept gifts. Any staff member can accept a donation and will sign and make a copy of our donation form prior to you leaving the Center if the gift is given in person. For items sent to us through a delivery service such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc., we will sign and mail a completed form to the donor. For gifts given anonymously the director will sign in-place of the donator and then specify “anonymous donor” on the form.

Generally speaking any donations we receive becomes a permanent part of our collection with two exceptions; first, donations may be accepted on a temporary basis but then the donation turn into a temporary loan, of which the loan time must be specified in writing on the donation form before we’ll accept the item. Secondly, donations (especially duplicate copies of books) may be traded or sold to like organizations for items that will enhance our collection (see Collection Maintenance & Weeding Policy).

Below is a very basic donation form that you can use to let us know of your intention to donate/give to us.

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