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We offer three types of memberships here at the Research Center, the first is a “recurring” membership with three different time levels to choose from, the time level you choose will automatically be billed and deducted from whichever account you specify when you sign up. The second is a “standard” non-recurring membership, again with three different time levels to choose from, you will be billed one time for however long you specify and the account will not automatically renew at the end of the term. In order for you to continue with this type of account you will have to renew manually or your account will expire. The third and final account option is a “Lifetime” membership. Lifetime memberships do not need to be renewed and are non-transferable. We are not currently offering institutional memberships.

Membership Benefits:

  • Immediate access to all detailed information in each online database including scanned images and documents as they are added to their respective database.
  • Members, regardless of term, may request up to 10 printed or scanned pages from any of our in-house resources. Other documents such as remote location resources and/or materials will be evaluated based on availability and accessibility.
  • Lifetime Memberships enjoy borrowing privileges of non-antiquarian books and other research material from the Carole Tucker Reading Room.

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