Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s Family Recognition files

Sample copies of the currently available certificate design.
Commemorative Certificate for Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial in 2017

In our never-ending pursuit to bring researchers potential brick wall breaking research material, the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center applied for and was chosen as the new home for the Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s Family Recognition files. The NSGS plans to digitize the files and place them on their website but the actual original paper copies will remain here at the Center for patron perusal. An index of names is being compiled and will be available on both this website and the state society’s website at

The Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s Family Recognition Certificate program began in 1981 as a way for early Nebraska families to be recognized and honored for their contributions to the development of the great state of Nebraska. The award certificate is issued by the Nebraska State Genealogical Society and is signed by the society’s president, the certificate then travels to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office for their endorsement and signature by the current Nebraska Secretary of State.

In order to be eligible to receive recognition through this program a descendant must fill out an application and submit proof of residency for the individual(s) that will be named on the certificate. There are three levels of recognition each of which covers a specific time period in Nebraska’s early history. First Family recognition is available for families that settled in Nebraska prior to statehood in 1867, Pioneer Family recognition is available for families that settled in Nebraska between 1868 and 1879 and finally Century Family recognition is for families that settled in Nebraska at least 100 years prior the application date.

The following table lists all the families recognized through this program, the type of certificate issued, name of applicant, date of certificate issuance and whether the file has been digitized or not.  Digitized files are ONLY available through the Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s website at, however the actual paper application and physical files are housed here at the Center and can be viewed anytime during normal business hours.

Cert #TypeAncestor(s)Descendant(s)Date & place settledDate issued
0001POliver H. Perry Jemison & wife Rachel (Williams)Jean Lucille Jemison1872 ~ Hamilton Co.14-Jul-1981
0002FOrrin Harte FisherJean Francis Fisher Chambers1860 ~ Sarpy Co.14-Jul-1981
0003PJohn OberstKeith W. Chambers1870 ~ Desoto, Washington Co.14-Jul-1981
0004FJohn PethoudAlyce Phillips Taylor1857 ~ Gage Co.14-Jul-1981
0005FJohn Solomon TrailRosalie L. Trail Fuller1856 ~ Nebraska City14-Jul-1981
0006POren Sylvester SmithRosalie L. Fuller1870 ~ Western, Saline Co.14-Jul-1981
0007FChrist ChristensenDonald Christensen1867 ~ Bellcreek Twp, Burt Co.14-Jul-1981
0008PJoshua M. SnyderIla Snyder Christensen1878 ~ Sherman Co.14-Jul-1981
0009PJohn August Sittler & wife CarolineMelvin E. Sittler1877 ~ Lancaster Co.14-Jul-1981
0010PEli Brothers Barton & wife Teresa Estelle (Nugen)Michael, Jennifer & Steven Lewis1871 ~ Aurora, Hamilton Co.3-Aug-1981
0011PJohn Stephen GoodbanEtheleen Grace Winkle1870 ~ Otoe Co.
0012CJohn C. Winkle & wife Melissa (Edwards)Etheleen Grace Winkle1880 ~ Gage Co.
0013aFSamuel German/Germain & wife Mary (Bisby)Myrtle Germain Eddy1866 ~ Richardson Co.27-Aug-1981
0013bFSamuel German/Germain & wife Mary (Bisby)Arnette Germaine Rohlfs1866 ~ Richardson Co.
0014aFJesse GrahamNeal Asa Chism1857 ~ Nemeha Co. (near Brock)27-Aug-1981
0014bFT. Jessie Graham & wife Elizabeth (Clifton) GrahamJacqueline A. Kaney1857 ~ Nemaha Co.6-Jun-1995
0015PAsa Fox BushNeal Asa Chism1870 ~ Richardson Co. (near Stella)27-Aug-1981
0016aFJames OsbornAnoma Hoffmeister____ ~ Territory of Nebraska (Douglas Co.)27-Aug-1981
0016bFJones OsbornDonald J. HornMay 1857 ~ Sarpy Co.
0017FPeter Coon & wife Phoebe (Bennett)Ralph E. Coon1866 ~ Center Pct., Cass Co.27-Aug-1981
0018PJohn Chmelka & wife Anna (Koxa)Rosalyn M. Chmelka1871 ~ Plasi, Saunders Co.
0019FJohn Taylor & wife Mary (Wishart)Elaine Taylor Mick1864 ~ SW of table Rock, Pawnee Co.
0020aPJohann Frederick Otteman & wife Johanne Josephine (Grohs)Delores J. Hansen1869 ~ North of Hooper, Dodge Co.
0020bPJohann Frederick Otteman & wife Johanne Josephine (Grohs)Anna Lu Otteman Meltredt____ ~ North of Hooper, Dodge Co.
0021CJohn MollardMarvin Leroy Mollard1880 ~ Grant Twp, Buffalo Co.
0022FJames Madison Garner & wife Catharine (Hunt)C.W. “Ted” Grange1856 ~ Dakota Co.
0023FCharles Cyrus BlivenRobert A. Bliven1856 ~ Omad Twp., Dakota Co.
0024PFranz Wilhelm Meier & wife Susan Elizabeth (Harris)Wm. H. Meier1869 ~ Lancaster Co.
0025FJames Ferry & wife Margaret Anne “Peggy” (Donnelly)Charles P. Moriarty1854 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0026PMichael W. Flannigan & wife Mary (Gibbons)Mary E. FlanniganJul 1877 ~ Holt Co.
0027PIsaac Miner & wife Lydia (Bremmenstuhl)Margie Armfield1869 ~ Wayne Co.
0028FHenry EickeJay C. Grabow Sr.____ ~ Omaha, Douglas Co. ?
0029aFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Laura Mae (McGuire) Webb1866 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co.29-Dec-1981
0029bFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Addie Reisdorph Ward1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029cFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Patrick Eugene Webb1866 ~ Saunders Co.25-May-1982
0029dFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Roy Dean Webb1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029eFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Dennis McGuire Webb1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029fFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Sibyl Yvonne Webb Pleake1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029gFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Dewey Lawrence Pleake II1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029hFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Bill Roy Pleake1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029iFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Bret Allen Pleake1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029jFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Kelli Nicole Pleake1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029kFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Patricia Lee Webb Snell1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029lFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Scott Martin Snell1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029mFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Thomas Dean Snell1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0029nFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Annette Michelle Webb1866 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co.
0029oFSamuel V. Bumgardner & wife Lucinda (Hooker)Valerie Laurene Webb1866 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co.
0030aFJacob DeinRaymond C. Dein1866 ~ Meridian, Jefferson Co.
0030bFJacob DeinMildred Lydia McCune Schultz1866 ~ Meridian, Jefferson Co.27-Dec-1982
0031PCharles Friedrick Hohnbaum & wife Mary Ann (Knorr)Georgia Hohnbaum JonesApr 1872 ~ Waco, York Co.
0032PNoah M. ThompsonMaurice F. McAvay1878 ~ Fairmont, Fillmore Co.
0033PJohn Johnson (Jens Mogensne)Margaret Keenan1874 ~ Looking Glass Twp., Platte Co.
0034PLars August Peterson & wife Johanna (Lardotter)Margaret Keenan1872-9 ~ Walker Twp, Platte Co.
0035aPClinton B. CondonMrs. Esther Johnson-Michelsen1873 ~ Hamilton Co.
0035bPClinton B. CondonMrs. Frances Johnson Saylor1873 ~ Hamilton Co.
0035cPClinton B. CondonMrs. Phyllis Paulsen1873 ~ Hamilton Co.
0035dPClinton B. CondonMrs. Ruth Peck Hansen1873 ~ Hamilton Co.
0035ePClinton B. CondonMrs. Alice Peck Fitzgerald1873 ~ Hamilton Co.
0036FJacob Carter & wife Frances Ellen (Harris)Evelyn Kent McMahon1856 ~ Washington Co.
0037PJohn RoetherValdene Roether Brabec1873 ~ Midland Ptc. Colfax Co.
0038PJames IrvineRalph R. Rickard1871 ~ Howard Co.
0039FJames Madison Chalfont & wife Nancy (Ketchum)Marjorie Current Allen1857 ~ Rock Bluffs, Cass Co.
0040PEbenezer HendersonRuth Heffley Boucher1870 ~ Seward Co.
0041FAnanias HeffleyRuth Heffley Boucher1859 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.
0042FAnanias HeffleyNorman H. White1859 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.
0043aFMatilda Elsey Fries BaileyEvelyn F. Fries1865 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.
0043bFMatilda Elsey Fries BaileyJanet Lee Fries1865 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.
0043cFMatilda Elsey Fries BaileyJacquelyn Lee Fries1865 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.
0044PCarl August KlaseRuth K. Nuss1875 ~ Reynolds, Jefferson Co.
0045PAmos William Travis & wife Eunice Malina (Crocker)Mary Cathryn Luhrs1878 ~ Vinton Twp. Valley Co.
0046PDavid Freemont HeighMr. Francis A. HeighJul 1872 ~ Hamilton Co.
0047CJoseph KokesD. Ray Kerchal1880 ~ Valley Co.
0048PAlbert Hinesh & wife Josephine (Janecek)D. Ray Kerchal1874 ~ Butler Co.
0049PFrank VavraD. Ray Kerchalbef 1878 ~ Saunders Co.
0050PMatt Hosek & wife Katerina (Malezek)D. Ray Kerchal1879 ~ Geranium Twp. Valley Co.
0051FIsaac CrookChristobel W. Welch1854 ~ Richardson Co.
0052FHeinrich (Henry) ViereggJames W. Vieregg1858 ~ Hall Co.
0053FIsaac Joshua Jarvis & wife Mary Alberia (Oldham)Dee V. Jarvis1865 ~ Nemaha Co.
0054PJames McCrea & wife Diana (Barnes)Ruth Klase Nuss1869 ~ Rose creek, Jefferson Co.
0055PAnton Franel & wife Barbra EavitkaEdward A. Francl1874 ~ St. Paul, Howard Co.
0056CJohn Gausman & wife Anna Amelia (Vannier)Chester H. Gausman1881 ~ Seward Co.
0057PWilliam Kemper & Sophie BairdChester H. Gausmanca 1860’s ~ Saline Co.
0058PHenry August Ludwig MeckeLela Scheer Rickerson1871 ~ Knox Co.
0059aPHenry August Ludwig MeckeLeonard Paul Scheer1871 ~ Knox Co.
0059bPHenry August Ludwig MeckeEdwin Theodore Scheer1871 ~ Knox Co.
0060FPeter GillMary Gill Peregrine1866 ~ Rock Creek (formerly Jenkins Pct.), Jefferson Co.
0061FWilliam F. Malchow & wife Augusta (Schultz)Mark E. Malchow1864 ~ Cuming Co.
0062aFHerman Theodore WortmanLeonard Wortman1864-65 ~ Cuming Co.
0062bFHerman Theodore Wortman, Jr.Raymond John Luebbert1864-65 ~ Cuming Co.
0063FHerman Theodore WortmanVerena Wortman Snyder1864-65 ~ Cuming Co.
0064PJohn M. LambertEvelyn L. Lambert Mersch1878 ~ Carlisle, Thayer Co.
0065FWilliam Michael Langdon & wife Margaret (Thomas)Clara E. Langdon Marx1857 ~ Forest City, Sarpy Co.
0066PMary Emogene YoungPhyllis M. Forshey Williamsca 1870’s ~ Otoe Co.
0067PLouis KortDavid A. Kort1872 ~ North of Blue Hill, Adams Co.
0068PJohn Gerten & wife Barbara (Kline)Sharon Lovell Gergen1875 ~ Adams Co.
0069PAndrew J. Beck, Jr. & wife Susan Margaret (Hauge)Melva Beck Christensenbef Sep 1871 ~ Decatur, Burt Co.
0070FAntoine Barada & parents Michel & Tae-Gle-HaMelva Beck Christensenbef 1807 ~ Barada, Richardson Co.
0071FJackson LandBill Polzkill1867 ~ Otoe Co.
0072PJohn Chauncey Knapp & wife Sarah Esther (Peck)Doris Pierson Price1872 ~ Merrick Co.
0073FRobert HansonBlanche V. Weaver1867 ~ Oakland, Burt Co.
0074FRobert HansonWarren Jesse Weaver1867 ~ Oakland, Burt Co.
0075FJohn Frederick Kleeman & wife Amalie (Schroter)Alfred D. AugustineAug 1868 ~ Firth, Lancaster Co.
0076FHenry Mortimer Myers & wife Phoebe (Parkhurst)Samuel Mortimer MyersMay 1862 ~ Pawnee Co. 15
0077aFWillis Murphy YatesDonald Farrar Burk Yates1865 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0077bFWillis Murphy YatesPeter Donald Yates1865 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0077cFWillis Murphy YatesJesse William Kannegieser1865 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0077dFWilliam Joseph Yates & wife Julia Ann (Norris)Richard Martin Yatesmid 1860’s ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.7-May-1990
0078aFWilliam Augustus GwyerDonald Farrar Burk Yates1856-57 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0078bFWilliam Augustus Gwyer & wife Sarah Ann (Hall)Richard Martin Yatesmid 1850’s ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.7-May-1990
0081PWilliam Henry KinnisonDon E. Kinnison1876 ~ Nuckolls Co.
0082FLemuel Bessey & wife Esther (Purchase)Robert Willis Lemon1866 ~ Elkhorn District, Douglas Co.
0083aFMary Ann (Cousins), wife of Michael SutleyIleen Delezene1857 ~ Sarpy Co.
0083bFMary Ann (Cousins), wife of Michael SutleyThelma Delezene Waugh1857 ~ Sarpy Co.
0084FGottlieb L.H. HaarmannBeverly Haarmann McMinn1867 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0085FJoseph Gerrard & wife Adaline (Allen)Becky Allen Whedon1859 ~ Monroe Co., (now Platte Co.)
0086PChristian Wolgamood & wife Caroline (Field)Becky Allen Whedon1871 ~ Fillmore Co.
0087PCharles Ogden WhedonBurt Denison Whedon1870-72 ~ Lancaster Co.
0088PFrank Frederich Carl Fenster & wife Louisa (VanHausen)Estella Fenster LaRue1871-72 ~ Bradshaw, York Co.8-Feb-1982
0089PWilliam H. LaRue & wife Arnestinia (Pahl)Clarence LaRue1874-6 ~ Cambridge, Furnas Co.8-Feb-1982
0090PPaul Hansen & wife Elizabeth (Phillips)Bernice Good DietrichJun 1871 ~ Hall Co.1-Nov-1981
0091FTobias Castor & wife Catherine M. (Hunt)Gaylord B. Castor1862 ~ Saline Co.17-Nov-1981
0091bFJacob S. Hunt & wife Susan (Christu)Gaylord B. Castor1863 ~ Saline Co.17-Nov-1981
0092aPMichael Kirschner & wife Eva (Hofman) HartmanDorothy Whitaker PayneFeb 1870 ~ Butler Co., near Ulysses8-Nov-1981
0092bPMichael Kirschner & wife Eva (Hofman) HartmanGlenna Kay MashekFeb 1870 ~ Butler Co., near Ulysses8-Nov-1981
0092cPMichael Kirschner & wife Eva (Hofman) HartmanCarey James PayneFeb 1870 ~ Butler Co., near Ulysses8-Nov-1981
0092dPMichael Kirschner & wife Eva (Hofman) HartmanNorman LiebrechtFeb 1870 ~ Butler Co., near Ulysses8-Nov-1981
0093aPHenry JauchDorothy Whitaker Payne1868-70 ~ Seward Co.
0093bPHenry JauchGlenna Kay Mashek1868-70 ~ Seward Co.
0093cPHenry JauchCarey James Payne1868-70 ~ Seward Co.
0093dPHenry JauchNorman Leibrecht1868-70 ~ Seward Co.
0094FOuthet Garbet & wife Matilda (Porter)Lynnda Wohleb ShafferJul 1863 ~ Richardson Co.
0095PJacob Wohleb & wife Louisa Marie (Keiser)Lynnda Wohleb ShafferMay 1879 ~ Franklin Co.
0096PHiram Hauver & wife Elizabeth (Douglas)Lynnda Wohleb ShafferJul 1879 ~ Gage Co.
0097PThomas Jefferson Hattan & wife Mary Elizabeth (Hester)Lynnda Wohleb Shaffer1879 ~ Franklin Co.
0098PEben Sherwood & wife Hannah Jane (Whitemore)Lynnda Wohleb ShafferJan 1873 ~ Franklin Co.
0099PCyrus Fox & wife Catherine (Miller)Vonna Jeane Jackson1877 ~ Madison Co.
0100aCWilliam Henry Voller & wife Jennie Adel (Whitney)Donald Ray Voller1880 ~ Cass Co.
0100bCWilliam Henry Voller & wife Jennie Adel (Whitney)Sharron Voller Larsen1880 ~ Cass Co.
0101aPWilliam KemperMarilyn Kemper Close1869 ~ Saline Co.
0101bPWilliam KemperLawrence F. Kemper1869 ~ Saline Co.
0102aFAllen Work Van Horn & wife Eliza Ann (Johnson)Patricia M. Krecklow1857 ~ Wyoming Pct., Otoe Co.
0102bFAllen Work Van Horn & wife Eliza Ann (Johnson)Shirley Brisco Osborne1857 ~ Otoe Co. (Wyoming Pct)
0103PDavid Weiler Smith & wife Arabelle (Stokes)Raymond Hiriam Smith1872 ~ Nuckolls Co.
0104aFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Belvadine Reeves Lecher1866 ~ Otoe Co.17-Nov-1981
0104bFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Betty Jane Rodgers Freeman1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104cFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Dorothy Rodgers Friedrich1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104dFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Robert Edwin Rodgers1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104eFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Evelyn Rodgers Winter1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104fFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Gary Lee Rodgers1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104gFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)James Elwood Rodgers1866 ~ Otoe Co.29-May-1994
0104hFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Royce Edward Freeman1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104iFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Rodger Dean Freeman1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104jFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Leland Woodrow Freeman1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0104kFGeorge Augustus Brown & wife Catherine Francis (Sadler)Imogene Betty Freeman1866 ~ Otoe Co.
0105PFerdinand J.L. Wegener & wife Amalie Wilhelmine (Hans)Dorothy Marie Wegener Monson1870 ~ Norfolk, Madison Co.16-Jan-1982
0106PFriedrich C. Villnow & wife Charlotte Fredricka (Lambrecht)Dorothy Wegener Monson1877-8 ~ Norfolk, Madison Co.15-Jan-1982
0107aPCharles August Miller & wife Sophia A. (Henrichsmeier)Daniel Herbert Miller1876 ~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.4-Jan-1982
0107bPCharles August Miller & wife Sophia A. (Henrichsmeier)Oren Herbert Miller1878 ~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.
0107cPCharles August Miller & wife Sophia A. (Henrichsmeier)Lloyd Frederick Miller1878 ~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.10-May-1982
0107dPCharles August Miller & wife Sophia A. (Henrichsmeier)Omer LeRoy Seng1878 ~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.
0107ePCharles August Miller & wife Sophia A. (Henrichsmeier)Joan Seng Moedl~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.
0108FWilliam J BurgerVinta Burger Harrell PentonDec 1864 ~ Hall Co.4-Jan-1982
0109FMartin KupkaPatricia Kemper Allen1866 ~ Saline Co.
0110PJohn Pounder & wife Mary (Stokes)Eugene Q. Watson1878 ~ Hall Co.
0111PJohn Gerten & wife Barbara (Kline)Elsie Willmes BassOct 1875 ~ Adams Co.
0112PRobert James Morrison & wife Mary Jane (Thompson)Harold Curtis Morrison1879 ~ Nance Co.4-Dec-1981
0113FMatthew NeradMarie Sterbva Vance1864 ~ LaPlatte, Sarpy Co.4-Jan-1982
0114PWilliam Harvey Cox & wife Frances M. (Johnson)Martha Lee Cox1879-80 ~ Richardson Co.
0115aFJohn Enders & wife Mary Polly (Rucker)Kathleen M. Potter1865 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.4-Jan-1982
0115bFDaniel Curry Sr. & wife Martha J. (Scott)Kathleen M. Potter1867 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.4-Jan-1982
0115cFJames Rucker & wife Margaret/MargretKathleen M. Potter1867 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.4-Jan-1982
0115a(2)FJohn Enders & wife Mary Polly (Rucker)Jeanne Allison1865 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.
0115b(2)FDaniel Curry Sr. & wife Martha J. (Scott)Jeanne Allison1867 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.
0115c(2)FJames Rucker & wife Margaret/MargretJeanne Allison1867 ~ Near Ponca, Dixon Co.
0116FJohn Casper & wife Margretta (Berns/Barans)Sylvia Casper Moore1856-7 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe
0117FHenry PlagerSylvia Casper MooreMay 1875 ~ Nemaha Co.
0118aPJames Slote & wife Martha E. (Keefer)Josephine Givens Bonham1872 ~ Adams Co.
0118bPJames Slote & wife Martha E. (Keefer)Paul Givens1872 ~ Adams Co.10-May-1982
0118cPJames Slote & wife Martha E. (Keefer)Marion Givens Ryan1872 ~ Adams Co.10-May-1982
0119FJacob Stewart Hunt & wife Susan Ann (Christie)Mae L. Finkner1863 ~ Near DeWitt, Saline Co.
0120PWilliam Rheingans & wife Phillipine (Hetzel)Stephen Chaplin1879 ~ Webster Co.
0121PHenry Patrick HammelDonald Harry Hammel1878 ~ Near Lyons, Burt Co.29-Dec-1981
0122FJames Richard Gugin & wife Grace (Nobel)Robert Willis Lemon1860 ~ Bell Creek, Washington Co.29-Dec-1981
0123PFrank Eugene Lemon & wife Jane/Jenne (Gugin)Robert Willis Lemon1872 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.4-Jan-1982
0124PHamilton Jefferson Willis & wife Lydia Jane (Hixson)Darlene Willis Russell1873 ~ South Platte Pct., Hamilton Co.16-Jan-1982
0125PHermann Edward Miller & wife Bertha Marie Martha (Miller)Robert Lee Russell1874 ~ Central City, Merrick Co.29-Dec-1981
0126PJohn P. Russell & wife Margaret SholtzRobert Lee RussellJun 1873 ~ So. Platte, Hamilton Co.29-Dec-1981
0127PJohn B. Hochreiter & wife Theresa (Hoffman)Bethyne Theresa Hochreiter1878 ~ Grand Island, Hall Co.16-Jan-1982
0128FDavid Watkins & wife Elizabeth (McGew)Watkins Andrew BroylesMay 1857 ~ Glenrock Twp, Nemaha Co.29-Dec-1981
0129FBenjamin Lee Albin & wife Mary Ann Elizabeth (Rakes)Idell Lorrene Reed Wenthurbef 1860 ~ Cass Co.29-Dec-1981
0130aFJohn Anthony Zahm & wife Mary Magdalene (Mang)Carol A. McKenzie1864 ~ Richardson Co.16-Jan-1982
0130bFJohn Anthony Zahm & wife Mary Magdalene (Mang)Frances Ringlein Hinze1864 ~ Richardson Co.
0131aPChristian Staben & wife Frederika (Rushman)Salma Staben Hammond____ ~ Ft. Calhoun, Washington Co.16-Jan-1982
0131bPChristian Staben & wife Frederika (Rushman)Alvin G. Staben____ ~ Ft. Calhoun, Washington Co.16-Jan-1982
0131cPChristian Staben & wife Frederika (Rushman)Sally Hammond Van Zandt____ ~ Ft. Calhoun, Washington Co.16-Jan-1982
0131dPChristian Staben & wife Frederika (Rushman)Laurel Hammond Eberhart____ ~ Ft. Calhoun, Washington Co.16-Jan-1982
0132PAndrew O’Kenos Cummins & wife Susan (Barrick)Robert Lee Cummins1876 ~ Hamilton Co.29-Dec-1981
0133PMichael E. Harchelroad & wife Elisabeth (Brough)Avalon Harchelroad Cummins1874 ~ Adams Co.29-Dec-1981
0134aCJohn W. Calver & wife Alice L. (Spicer)Marilyn A. Calver1880 ~ Adams Co.20-Mar-1982
0134bCJohn W. Calver & wife Alice L. (Spicer)Kenneth H. calver1880 ~ Adams Co.20-Mar-1982
0135PJohann Dahlem & wife Helena (Wendt)Harvey John SengMar 1871 ~ Clatonia Twp., Gage Co.2-Jan-1982
0136aPWilliam Andrew Skinner & wife Margaret (Beam)Jasper D. Skinner18 ~ Otoe Co.16-Jan-1982
0136bPWilliam Andrew Skinner & wife Margaret (Beam)Marvel Skinner Bearg18 ~ Otoe Co.,16-Jan-1982
0137FJens Christian Anderson & wife Johanna (Christendotter)Gretchen Anderson MilesJul 1863 ~ Fremont, Dodge Co.8-Feb-1982
0138PMichael Young & wife Ann/Anna (Porter)Robert Lee Russell1860 ~ Otis Pct., Hamilton Co.16-Jan-1982
0139FJoseph Giles & wife Susanah (Redfern)Melvin Wm. Wilson1860 ~ Wyoming Pct., Otoe Co.16-Jan-1982
0140PGregoire Delimont & wife Josephine (VanDerVest)Erma Delimont Backman1876-78 ~ Harlan Co.16-Jan-1982
0141CReuben W. Rundall & wife Serilda (Todd)Erma Delimont Backman1880 ~ Harlan Co.
0143FWilhelm Friedrich & wife Marie (Zabek)Beatrice L. Gorham Wolcott1860 ~ Saline C.29-Jan-1982
0144PJoseph Meyer & wife Crescentia (Hiebler)Gloria Lang Smethers1872 ~ Blakely Twp., Gage Co.
0145PEdward Krick & wife Matilda (Stewart)Donald E. Krick1878 ~ Liberty Twp., Kearney Co.
0146PNiels (Nels) Hansen & wife Emelie Augusta (Hansen)Donald E. Krick1877 ~ Near Lowell, Kearney Co.
0148PWilliam Wilson Williams & wife Annis (Gailbreath)Jane Williams Judt1877 ~ Burt Co.8-Feb-1982
0149FCharles P. Uhlig & wife Rosina (Jaehning)Bette Lee Edgecombe1857 ~ Howe, Nemaha Co.
0150PDeidrick Herman Rastede & wife Hulda Elisabeth Catherine (Zager)O. Willian VonSeggern1877-80 ~ Dodge Co.
0151PDettmar Osmers & wife Anna Margharetta (Glade)Bernice Mitchell TorrenceJun 1877 ~ Wheeler Co. (now Garfield Co.)
0152FHenry JohnsDelbert Gerald Johns1862 ~ Blyburg, Dakota Co. Fall
0153aFRobert HowellJoanna Kay Howell1856 ~ Bellevue, Sarpy Co.
0153bFRobert HowellLora Loretta Howell1856 ~ Bellevue, Sarpy Co.
0153cFRobert HowellWanda Karen McCarty Krajlcek1857 ~ Bellevue, Sarpy Co.13-Mar-2000
0154PCarl Fredrick Steiner & wife Mette J. (Christensen)Virginia M. Swartz1875 ~ Looking Glass Twp., Platte Co.
0155PFrederic Herbig & wife Sophia (Gerwig)Darlene Willis Russell1879 ~ So. Platte Pct., Hamilton Co.
0156aPJohn Schaible & wife Chatherine (Schaible)Jane Schaible Mitchell1874 ~ Falls City, Richardson Co.
0156bPJohn Schaible & wife Chatherine (Schaible)Mary Jane Nelson1874 ~ Falls City, Richardson Co.
0156cPJohn Schaible & wife Chatherine (Schaible)Jennifer M. Nelson1874 ~ Falls City, Richardson Co.
0156dPJohn Schaible & wife Chatherine (Schaible)Elizabeth M. Nelson1874 ~ Falls City, Richardson Co.
0157FGeorge/Jurgen Plambeck & wife Anna (Obermuller)Myron Plambeck1864 ~ Douglas Co.3-Mar-1982
0158PAller G. Francisco & wife Ruby Irene (Grover)Eloyce D. Hope1872 ~ Albion, Boone Co.
0159aPSamuel Porter Reesman & wife Sarah Jane (Musser)Heasty W. Reesman1877 ~ Jefferson Co.
0159bPAdde Rickloff Aden & wife Menna T. (Warnke)Heasty W. Reesman1877 ~ Jefferson Co.
0159aPSamuel Porter Reesman & wife Sarah Jane (Musser)Ward H. Reesman II1877 ~ Jefferson Co.
0159bPAdde Rickloff Aden & wife Menna T. (Warnke)Ward H. Reesman II1877 ~ Jefferson Co.
0160aPJohann Diedrick Heye & wife Anna Margaretha (Boltjes)Joanne E. Classen1874 ~ Adams Co. circa
0160bPJohann Diedrick Heye & wife Anna Margaretha (Boltjes)Robert Eugene Classen1874-75 ~ Adams Co.4-Aug-1982
0160cPJohann Diedrick Heye & wife Anna Margaretha (Boltjes)Kenneth George Classen1874-75 ~ Adams Co.4-Aug-1982
0161PJohn Henry HomfeldAndrew C. BoseMay 1874 ~ Harlan Co.
0162PJohn Lentfer & wife Christina Margareta (Laschanzky)Raymond R. Lentfer1874 ~ Fillmore Co.5-Apr-1982
0163PRobert R. Steele & wife Mary Ellen (Croley)Majorie Steele Kraabel____ ~ Glengary Pct., Fillmore Co.
0164aFSamuel Drake Cornelius & wife Rebecca J. (Spielman)Harriett Dyson SmithMay 1857 ~ Tekamah, Burt Co.
0164bFSamuel Drake Cornelius & wife Rebecca J. (Spielman)Connie Baker Greenberg1857 ~ Tekamah area, Burt Co.
0165aPCharles Flemington Crichton & wife Alida Helen (Wood)Rosemary Hively Briggs1868 ~ Otoe Co. November4-Mar-1982
0165bPCharles Flemington Crichton & wife Alida Helen (Wood)Robert Westbrook Hively Jr.1868 ~ Otoe Co. November4-Mar-1982
0166CFranklin James Bessey & wife Adaline (Sherwood)Robert W. Lemon1818 ~ Douglas Co., near Elk City4-Mar-1982
0167FClaus Stoltenberg & wife Esther (Paustian)Joyann Reher GovigNov 1857 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.4-Mar-1982
0168PRobert W. Boyd & wife Susan J. (Delozier)Erma Gorin Muller1872 ~ Lone Tree Pct., Merrick Co.4-Mar-1982
0169PJohn Curran Gorin & wife Mildred Jane (Boyd)Erma Gorin Muller1872 ~ Lone Tree Pct., Merrick Co.4-Mar-1982
0170PWilliam Forrest GorinErma Gorin Muller1874 ~ Lone Tree Pct., Merrick Co.4-Mar-1982
0171PJohn Patterson & wife Jane (Harper)Mary Patterson VidlahJul/Aug 1868 ~ Shelby, Polk Co.
0172aPOrrin Marshall Sigourney & wife Abigail (VanWinkle)Judy Lukesh WatsonOct 1879 ~ Custer Co.12-Mar-1982
0172bPOrrin Marshall Sigourney & wife Abigail (VanWinkle)Jacci Mae Fritts CrandallOct 1879 ~ Custer Co. 23
0173aPJakob Schaffer & wife Juliane (Schneider)Richard D. SchaferSep 1869 ~ Johnson, Nemaha Co. 312-Mar-1982
0173bPJakob Schaffer & wife Juliane (Schneider)Mary Schaffer HouserSep 1869 ~ Johnson, Nemaha Co. 310-May-1982
0174FOliver HarmonHoyt H. Harmon Jr.1862 ~ Four Mile Pct., Otoe Co.12-Mar-1982
0175PJames Bignell & wife Jean (Allen)James F. Bignell1870 ~ Dodge Co.5-Apr-1982
0176PCharles E. Davis & wife Sarah Elizabeth (Huld)Elsie Brickman Pollock1872 ~ Near Friend, Saline Co.
0177PChristian PetersenMichelle Lynn BeckFeb 1876 ~ Kearney Co. 23
0178PHinrich Hauberg & wife Anna Barbara (Waltz)Delbert L. Brewer1872-4 ~ Johnson Co.20-Mar-1982
0179FSeth KellyMary E. Blair1856 ~ Near Tekamah, Burt Co.20-Mar-1982
0180PJohn Hein & wife Cathryn (Riedel)Patricia Maginnis Yetter1872 ~ Leicester Pct., Clay Co.20-Mar-1982
0181CJohn Frederick Herzog & wife Katherine (Fonner)Patricia Maginnis Yetter1880 ~ Leicester Pct., Clay Co.20-Mar-1982
0182PJohn Wiseman & wife Margaret (Culver)Elizabeth Knerl Augustine1875-6 ~ Bristol Twp., Sherman Co.
0183FWalenty Jarecki & wife Frances (Bladzik)Barbara Victoria Jarecki1868 ~ Platte Co.10-May-1982
0184PLewis Cass Whitcomb & wife Emma (Ingram)Carl Raymond Whitcomb1872-3 ~ Adams Co.5-Apr-1982
0185CErvine BristolGlen Bristol1882-83 ~ Near Valentine, Cherry Co.5-Apr-1982
0186FAndrew Cook & wife Hannah (Clulow)Norma Versaw Steinkruger1858 ~ Otoe Co.5-Apr-1982
0187PWilliam Brandes & wife Mary Margurita Elizabeth (Daubstein)O. William VonSeggern1871-78 ~ Dodge Co.5-Apr-1982
0188PAshel N. Clark & wife Mary Maria (Scott)Vera Miller Williams1870-72 ~ Madison Co.5-Apr-1982
0189PBailey Fenton Bodwell & wife Helen “Nellie” Marie (Hendee)James D. Lewisbef 1877 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.10-May-1982
0190FFrederick William Koester Sr.Judith Marie Weskwerth Schance1856 ~ Pawnee Co.10-May-1982
0191PGottlieb F. F. Pribnow & wife Johanna F.A. (Jodian)Dorothy Wegener Monson1873 ~ Norfolk, Madison Co.10-May-1982
0192PGottlieb Herman Braummund & wife Ulricke L. (Ruhlow)Dorothy Wegener Monson1869 ~ Norfolk, Madison Co.10-May-1982
0193PFrederick Carl Spannuth & wife Meta Margaret KirchnerCarla Helen Walker EatonApr 1872 ~ Burt Co.24-Feb-1988
0194FRichard KinnamonCora Sparks Eschbef 1861 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.10-May-1982
0195CWilliam H. Nicholson & wife Mary L. (Goosic)Alex J. Kufeldt1876-1880 ~ Furnas Co.10-May-1982
0196PRobert Hays & wife Mary (Toland)Eleanor Richardson MalchowOct 1877 ~ Near Johnson, Nemaha Co.10-May-1982
0197FRebecca (Ennis) StumerRichard W. HorrumMay 1866 ~ Gage Co.10-May-1982
0198PAlexander Voorhees & wife Maria (Chamberlain)Jeanne Drew Shebley1870 ~ “Voorhees Valley”, Boone Co.10-May-1982
0199PHenry Addison MunsonJeanne Drew Shebley1870-71 ~ Madison Co.10-May-1982
0200FAustin Smith & wife Elizabeth (Howe)Patricia A. WagnerMay 1860 ~ Saunders Co.10-May-1982
0201PCharley JohnsonEuyla Johnson VanSkiver1878 ~ Near Loomis, Phelps Co.10-May-1982
0202PWilliam Lisco & wife Martha (Shields)Frances Pennington1873 ~ Platte Co.10-May-1982
0203aPIra Clinton McCollister & wife Lucy Elizabeth (Nickerson)Lola Marie Chrisp RossDec 1872 ~ L Pct. , Seward Co.10-May-1982
0203bPDavid Royal Frink & wife Malinda (Abernathy)Lola Marie Chrisp RossDec 1873 ~ L Pct. , Seward Co.11-May-1982
0204PLancaster Wiley ParmenterMargaret Parmenter Steiner1873 ~ Near Kenesaw, Adams Co.10-May-1982
0205PAndrew L. Peterson & wife Julia (Peterson)Vernon W. Peterson1879 ~ Polk Co.10-May-1982
0206PMarinus Morse & wife Alice (Verhoek)Lonnie Morse1868/1874 ~ Clarks, Merrick Co.25-May-1982
0207PAdrian A. Higgins & wife Mary Ellen (Walden)Lonnie D. Morse1875 ~ Wescott, Custer Co.10-May-1982
0208aCErnest Scheer Sr. & wife Caroline Henrietta (Ewald)Lela Scheer RickersonJun 1882 ~ Near Winnetoon, Knox Co. – 710-May-1982
0208bCErnest Scheer Sr. & wife Caroline Henrietta (Ewald)Edwin Theodore ScheerJun 1882 ~ Near Winnetoon, Knox Co. – 710-May-1982
0209aPCharles Edwin Bean & wife Amanda Kezia (Taylor)Irene Orander Hammel1870/1875 ~ Burt Co.10-May-1982
0209bPCharles Edwin Bean & wife Amanda Kezia (Taylor)Maxine Miller Whitman1870 ~ Burt Co.30-Apr-1997
0210aPJohn Dudek & wife Ludmilla Emma (Bosak)Elizabeth Eastman McClenny1878 ~ Lancaster Co.10-May-1982
0210aPJames Strode Eastman & wife Nancy Ann (Hazel)Elizabeth Eastman McClenny1878 ~ Lancaster Co.10-May-1982
0210bPJohn Dudek & wife Ludmilla Emma (Bosak)Nathan L. Eastman1878 ~ Lancaster Co.10-May-1982
0210bPJames Strode Eastman & wife Nancy Ann (Hazel)Nathan L. Eastman1878 ~ Lancaster Co.10-May-1982
0211aPAbel Smith & wife Maria Louisa (Cunningham)Kathryn Ball Deden1872/78 ~ Albion, Boone Co.10-May-1982
0211bPAbel Smith & wife Maria Louisa (Cunningham)Gwendolyn Ball Myers Nob le1872/78 ~ Albion, Boone Co.
0211cPAbel Smith & wife Maria Louisa (Cunningham)Jennie Deden Behles1872 ~ Albion, Boone Co.21-Jun-1990
0212FJoseph Graff & wife Theresa (Meier)Robert L. GraffApr 1860 ~ Gage Co.10-May-1982
0213PJohn W. Phillips & wife Hannah (Hosier)Errol PhillipsApr 1878 ~ Rosco Twp., Buffalo Co.10 May 1878
0214FJohn DineenRichard D. Schafer1859 ~ Platte Co.10-May-1982
0215aFHugh McBroom Sr. & wife Eliza (Rock)Florence McBroom Nielsen1857-60 ~ Dodge Co.
0215bFHugh McBroom Sr. & wife Eliza (Rock)Eunice McBroom Finks1857-60 ~ Dodge Co.
0216PAndres Peter Israelson & wife Charlotta (Larsdotter)Virginia VanPatten WahlstromFeb 1878 ~ Clay Co.10-May-1982
0217PWalter Willis ReeseDuane V. reese1876-79 ~ Buffalo Co.9-Jun-1982
0218PJames Riley Lang & wife Rovilla Jane (Foster)Harve I. LangApr 1874 ~ Custer Co.
0219PWilliam Penn Sowards & wife Eliza Romelia (Green)Clarence LaRue1873 ~ Ashland, Cass Co.25-May-1982
0220PJohn Sumner Williams & wife Czarina Abigail (Glazier)Clara Fleming PidgeonMay 1871 ~ Chester Pct., Saunders Co.25-May-1982
0221FGeorge Francis StevensHoward Brooks Stevens, O.D.1856/1857 ~ Douglas Co.9-Jun-1982
0221FMary Christina KoefoedHoward Brooks Stevens, O.D.1856/1857 ~ Douglas Co.9-Jun-1982
0222FJonathan KernsCora Sparks Esch1856 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.9-Jun-1982
0223PAmos Crandall Hopkins & wife Thankful Otiskia (Ames)Edwin W. Barrett1868 ~ Antelope Co.9-Jun-1982
0224PWilliam Henry George & wife Eve (Marshall)Sharon Lass Field1876 ~ York Co.9-Jun-1982
0225PFrank Konecky, Sr. & wife Frances (Caha)Cyril E. JirovskyAug 1874 ~ Saunders Co.22-Jul-1982
0225bPFrank Konecky, Sr. & wife Frances (Caha)Kenneth F. JirovskyAug 1874 ~ Saunders Co.
0226PDaniel Morgan DeWitt & wife Jane Gray (Smith)Arlene V. Jirovsky1870 ~ York Co9-Jun-1982
0227FGeorge Young & wife Ann (Miller)Naomi R. White1856 ~ Dodge Co.9-Jun-1982
0227bFGeorge Young & wife Ann (Miller)Heather HouleJul 1856 ~ Ddge Co.31-Jul-1998
0228PCharles Moore & wife Anna (Magner) MooreRex Charles Kennedy1878 ~ Knox Co.10-Jun-1982
0229PRobert Hughes & wife Jane (Evans) HughesMerle Jane Hughes Donovan1879 ~ Gage Co.10-Jun-1982
0230aPFrank Henry Cady & wife Maria Helen (Webster)Eleanor Jean (Spillman) Paulson1878 ~ Burt Co.10-Jun-1982
0230bPFrank Henry Cady & wife Maria Helen (Webster)Marie Helen (Spillman) Curtis1878 ~ Burt Co.10-Jun-1982
0230cPFrank Henry Cady & wife Maria Helen (Webster)Esther Alice (Johnson) Reno1878 ~ Burt Co.10-Jun-1982
0230dPFrank Henry Cady & wife Maria Helen (Webster)Virginia Kay German Koonce1878 ~ Burt Co.1-Nov-1982
0231PErnst Friedrich Krueger & wife Caroline Louise (Kerste)Miss Emma Wilhelmine Louise Zobel1869 ~ Cuming Co.10-Jun-1982
0232PJohn Overy & wife Mary Ann (Lemmy)Glenn Overy1870 ~ Adams Co.21-Jun-1982
0233FGeorge Dillon & wife Eury A. (Reed)Mrs. Mary A. Brothers1858 ~ Otoe Co,6-Jul-1982
0234PAmos Congdon Bailey & wife Marian Catherine (Dillon)Mrs. Mary A. Brothers1873 ~ Otoe Co.6-Jul-1982
0235aFRudolf Kummer & wife Anna Elizabeth (Klenchey)Pamelia Nan (Nelson)1859 ~ Platte Co.20-Jul-1982
0235bFRudolf Kummer & wife Anna Elizabeth (Klenchey)Mark Nelson Long1859 ~ Platte Co.12-Mar-1995
0236PCharles Stephen Ogilvy & wife Clara Jane (Blakely)Janet M. Lewis1875 ~ Otoe Co.7-Jul-1982
0237FWilliam Lamden Boydston & wife Cornelia (Gates)Mary Jean (Louks) Neiswander1855-56 ~ Otoe Co.20-Jul-1982
0238FPeter Christopherson & wife Christine Thomasdatter (Optun)Ruth Margaret Horn1864 ~ Dakota Co.7-Jul-1982
0239FJosiah W. Davis & wife Margaret Ann (DeBorde)Ruth Margaret Horn1860 ~ Dakota Co.7-Jul-1982
0240PJoel Hale DufpheyLaura Dufphey Allison1873 ~ Madison Co.7-Jul-1982
0241POscar Moss EubankCarl Leroy EubankNov 1879 ~ Lincoln, Lancaster Co.4-Aug-1982
0242PZeran Chesterfield Norton & wife Cynthia (Post)Alexis Ann (Alexander) Kolb1878 ~ Custer Co.7-Jul-1982
0243PMortiner Lewis & wife Fanny Ann (Loe)Alexis Ann (Alexander) Kolb1878 ~ Custer Co.7-Jul-1982
0244PFerdinand TrampNorman Tramp1869 ~ Cedar Co.8-Jul-1982
0245CAndrew Jackson Goosic & wife Julia Ann (Thompson)Daphne Pauline (Peck) Kufeldt1880 ~ Furnas Co.4-Aug-1982
0246FJared Baker White(Margaret) Rosalie (Steele) Bolene1865 ~ Richardson Co.8-Jul-1982
0247PJohn Alfred Driesback & wife Selina Lena (Lee)Rose E. (Demario) Gabson1873 ~ Hamilton Co.8-Jul-1982
0248FHiram L. Boyes & wife Esther L. (Hibbard)Don Gerald Olmstead1867 ~ Seward Co.8-Jul-1982
0249aPWilhelm August Krause & wife Auguste Marie (Kielhorn)Patricia Joan (Osborn) Olmstead1874 ~ Howard Co.8-Jul-1982
0240bPWilhelm August Krause & wife Auguste Marie (Kielhorn)Maxfield G. Osborn1874 ~ Howard Co.8-Jul-1982
0250PCharles Bowman Churchill & wife Betsey Ann (Stephens)Dorothy (Clark) Hickman1874 ~ Butler Co.8-Jul-1982
0251FCharles Henry Winslow & wife Sarah Martha (Hunter)Mrs. Athla (Howard)1863 ~ Otoe Co.8-Jul-1982
0252FFrancis Irvine & wife ElizabethKay Colleen Savage1857 ~ Nemaha Co.20-Jul-1982
0253FWilliam McLennanHelen (McLennan) Ince1854 ~ Otoe Co.16-Jul-1982
0254FAmos Nelson McLennanHelen (McLennan) Ince1864 ~ Otoe Co.16-Jul-1982
0255PHenry William KemperMrs. Alberta Payton1874 ~ Hamilton Co.16-Jul-1982
0256CLars Anderson & wife Christine (Felt)Mrs. Alberta Payton1881 ~ Douglas Co.16-Jul-1982
0257aPOliver H. Perry Jemison & wife Rachael (Williams)Mrs. Inez Jemison Wright1872 ~ Hamilton Co.18-Jul-1982
0257bPOliver H. Perry Jemison & wife Rachael (Williams)Mrs. Agnes (Jemison) Schrock1872 ~ Hamilton Co.18-Jul-1982
0257cPOliver H. Perry Jemison & wife Rachael (Williams)Earl Melvin Jemison1872 ~ Hamilton Co.18-Jul-1982
0257dPOliver H. Perry Jemison & wife Rachael (Williams)Mrs. Caroline (Jemison) Nydegger1872 ~ Hamilton Co.18-Jul-1982
0258aFWilliam Denton Dorsey & wife Lois (Wymond)Lois Dorsey BenningtonApr 1857 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.29-Jul-1982
0258bFWilliam Denton Dorsey & wife Lois (Wymond)Donald Denton DorseyApr 1857 ~ Nebraska City, Otoe Co.29-Jul-1982
0259PAbsalom Gable & wife Anna RebeccaJudith Meier1876 ~ Mill Pct., Lancaster Co.9-Aug-1982
0260PGeorge HortonJudith Meier1874 ~ Waverly, Lancaster Co.9-Aug-1982
0261FAugustus Bowman Barr & wife Elizabeth (Lewis)Mary Haney Arnold1855-58 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.29-Jul-1982
0261bFAugustus Bowman Barr & wife Elizabeth (Lewis)Dorothy Barr Crocker1855-58 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
0261cFAugustus Bowman Barr & wife Elizabeth (Lewis)Donald M. Lafler1855 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.10-Oct-1994
0261dFAugustus Bowman Barr & wife Elizabeth (Lewis)Tanya M. Serefko1855 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.10-Oct-1994
0262FMarvin Samuel Heath & wife Lucy Ann (Smith)Valerie Dyer George1867 ~ Burt Co.29-Jul-1982
0263PWilliam Thomas McCaslinAudrey McCaslin Jones1879 ~ Rose Valley, Custer Co.4-Aug-1982
0264PJames Wesley McCaslin & wife Nancy (Boyd)Audrey McCaslin Jones1879 ~ Rose Valley, Custer Co.4-Aug-1982
0265PThomas Hunter McCord & wife Mary Jane (Ridgley)Michael L. McCord1870 ~ Near Endicott, Jefferson Co.4-Aug-1982
0266FMary (Crueson) HurfordLaura B. Allison1859-60 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.2-Nov-1982
0267CFirth BoothJames Eli Booth1880 ~ Cheyenne Co.4-Aug-1982
0268PThompson Rupert Elder & wife Mary W. (West)Thomas R. Dlder1872 ~ Sheridan Pct., Clay Co.4-Aug-1982
0269PHiram Castle Blackburn & wife Mary Elizabeth (Howe)Mary Louise Blackburn Warner1879 ~ Kearney Co.4-Aug-1982
0270FGeorge Tanner & wife Elizabeth (Corum)James Daniel Wilson1857 ~ Pawnee Co.4-Aug-1982
0271FWingate King & wife Sarah (Miller)Nona DeShazo Pebworth1856 ~ Richardson Co.9-Aug-1982
0272FAndrew Jackson DeShazoNona DeShazo Pebworth1857 ~ Near Falls City, Richardson Co.9-Aug-1982
0273PAnton Wisnieski & wife Rosalie (Jablonski)Elma Wisnieski Carpenter1874-75 ~ Dodge Co.9-Aug-1982
0273bPAnton Wisnieski & wife Rosalie (Jablonski)Virgine Marie Wisnieski Franke1874 ~ South of Dodge, Dodge Co.
0274CArthur Willard PatridgePriscilla Partridge McElvein1880-81 ~ Saline Co.
0276PMichael Messing & wife Catharina (Ruch)Esther Messing HamiltonSep 1878 ~ Gilead, Thayer Co.
0276bPMichael Messing & wife Catharina (Ruch)William E. Messing1878 ~ Thayer Co.
0277PWilliam H. Harmon & wife Polly A. (Brown)BilleGean Grant ShortAug 1878 ~ Lincoln, Lancaster Co.
0278PAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Virgine Kovarik Sloan1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0278bPAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Rose Miklas Kovarik1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0278cPAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Robert M. Kovarik1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0278dPAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Patricia K. Sloan1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0278ePAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Margaret Sloan Firebaugh1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0278fPAnton Bartosh & wife Annie Bessie ?Nancy Sloan Ehrlich1870-73 ~ Webster Twp., Dodge Co.
0279PGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Glen R. Sloan1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279bPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Patricia K. Sloan1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279cPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Margaret Soan Firebaugh1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279dPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Nancy Sloan Ehrlich1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279ePGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Cora Sloan Aten1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279fPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Dale F. Sloan1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279gPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Roselyn Sloan Kasson1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0279hPGardner Stevens & wife Maria (Kelley)Larry R. Sloan1878 ~ Madison Twp., Fillmore Co.
0280PMary Margaret DeVries & Klaas SloteLois Slote Lehl1877 ~ Near Holland, Lancaster Co.
0281PJohann Wilhelm Heinrich Beyer & wife Ernestine (Markopf/Barson)Marion Cecil Curfman1872 ~ Green Pct., Saunders Co.
0282FJohn FeesAudrey Kenzy Buhrdorf1856 ~ Tekamah, Burt Co.
0283POscar Nash & wife Emily Amelia (Curtis)Roy Elbert Schiefelbein1870 ~ Saunders Co.
0284PFrederich Christian Schiefelbein & wife Johanna Pauline Mathilda (Mallwitz)Roy Elbert Schiefelbein1878 ~ Saunders Co.
0285PFrank Richtarik & wife Amelie (Giese)Vencel Elmer Richtarik1874 ~ Brush Creek Pct., Saline Co.
0286aPAnton Shimonek & wife Maria (Richtarik)Dottie JoAnn Shimonek Schiefelbein1871 ~ Brush Creek Pct., Saline Co.
0286bPAnton Shimonek & wife Maria (Richtarik)John Anton Shimonek1871 ~ Brush Creek Pct., Saline Co.
0287CJames Ridley SobersHarriet Sobers Clark1882 ~ Otoe Co.
0288PJohn Henry Fridlay & wife Rebecca (Foreman)Barbara Pexley1869 ~ Rock Creek Co. (now Jefferson Co.)
0289CPhilip Betz & wife Elizabeth (St. Clair)Fame G. Betz Arent1880 ~ Phelps Co.
0290PJames Marion Olmsted & wife Emily A. (Tofflemire)Fame G. Betz Arent1878 ~ Phelps Co.
0291FGarret Ackerson & wife Anna (Cody)Truman Thomas1865 ~ Vesta, Johnson Co.
0292FRobert Allen Scott & wife Elizabeth Jane (Bowers)F. Ray Lewis Jr.1855 ~ Nemaha Co.
0293FJoseph Kehler & wife Maryann (Landon)Alice Covalt Dentler1860 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co. by
0294PWilliam V. LaGourgue & wife Elizabeth (Austin)Marva Miller GroveJun 1871 ~ Gage Co.
0295PBenjamin D. Swett & wife Eliza Ann (Austin)Myrtle M. Chapman MillerAug 1870 ~ Gage Co.1-Nov-1982
0296FJohn F. Curry & wife Dorothy Jane (Gann)Mary Helen Lay McDonald1867 ~ Gage Co.
0297PGeorge W. Houck & wife Immogene (Pound)Frances Luella Sneddon1870 ~ Crete, Saline Co.
0298aFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Margaret Osborn1867 ~ Pawnee Co.
0298bFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Mary Evelyn Summers1867 ~ Pawnee Co.
0298cFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Isabel Jeanette Lammel1867 ~ Pawnee Co.
0298dFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Marion F. Johnson1867 ~ Pawnee Co.3-Feb-1985
0298eFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Robert H. Johnson1867 ~ Pawnee Co.3-Feb-1985
0298fFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Roy R. Johnson1867 ~ Pawnee Co.3-Feb-1985
0298gFDavid Milton Osborn & wife Mary “Polly” (Wines)Arthur David Osborn1867 ~ Pawnee Co.3-Feb-1985
0299PJosiah Vard Stevenson & wife Martha Charlotte (Halstead)LaDonna Geiser English1871 ~ Near Schuyler, Colfax Co.
0300PJosiah Fowler Jr. & wife Elizabeth Ann (Webb)Richard I. Smith1872-73 ~ Dixon Co.
0301PFrederich H. Ulrich & wife Katherine Dorothea (Schroeder)Esther Louise Ulrich Benderabt 1871 ~ Johnson Co.
0302PChristian Bek & wife Pauline (Maier)Selma Bek Asbury1877 ~ Seward Co.
0303PWilliam Thomas Cohee & wife Maria Spear (Hall)Marcella Smith Taylor1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0304FJames Irvin Collicott & wife Mary Ann (Taylor)Jean Nicholson McCord1866 ~ Swan Creek, Saline Co.
0305PWilliam M. NicholsonJean Nicholson McCord1877 ~ Saline Co.
0306PAndrew Lundquist & wife Margaret (Mitchell)Edmund L. LundquistJun 1870 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
00307aPWilliam Riley Wilcox & wife Francis Fidelia (Hunt)Patricia Wilcox Smith1872-74 ~ York Co.
00307bPWilliam Riley Wilcox & wife Francis Fidelia (Hunt)Shea Daniel Clymer1872-74 ~ York Co.
0308PDaniel McNitt & wife Charlotte (Wallace)Mandy Rae McNitt1877 ~ Jefferson Co.
0309FWilliam Davis & wife Laura Lavina (Persons)Winifred Davis Hatch____ ~ Shell Creek Station, Colfax Co.
0310FJohn Covalt & wife Charlotte (Kehler)Victor E. CovaltDec 1866 ~ Cass Co.
0311PDaniel Curfman & wife Surlinda (Messemore)Marion Cecil Curfman____ ~ Clear Creek Pct., Saunders Co.13-Oct-1982
0312PWilliam Morris Williams & wife Lucinda (Sturm)Irene Williams Berg1870 ~ Hubbell, Thayer Co.13-Oct-1982
0313PAndrew Harlan Cochran & wife Sarah Samantha (Ellsworth)Irene Williams Berg1878-79 ~ Hebron, Thayer Co.13-Oct-1982
0314CJohn Daniel Metz & wife Emma Virginia (LiGrow)Irene Williams Berg1880 ~ Kearney Pct., Kearney Co.13-Oct-1982
0315FJohn Colby Griggs & wife Lucy Ann F. (Hill)Marie Teresa Britt Gaffney____ ~ Ft. Kearney, Nebraska Territory
0316FRobert Graham & wife Elizabeth (Wright)Norman Keith Graham1857 ~ Dodge Co.
0317PCharles Noah GurneyClayton Sears Gurney1870 ~ Red Cloud, Webster Co.
0318PPeter Jacobs & wife Emilie (Giessel)Louise H. Jacobs1878 ~ Marble Pct., Saunders Co.
0319PJames Halliwell & wife Eliza (Rigley)Caudine Halliwell Ragner1872 ~ Odessa Pct., Buffalo Co.
0320PJames Olney Bates & wife Louise Amanda (Martin)Mary Emma Bates Burt1879 ~ West Omaha, Douglas Co.
0321aPLeonard Grieser & wife Luvice Catherine (Kerr)Steven Glenn McComb Kushner1877 ~ Cortland, Gage Co.
0321bPLeonard Grieser & wife Luvice Catherine (Kerr)Betty Mae Grieser McComb1877 ~ Cortland, Gage Co.
0321cPLeonard Grieser & wife Luvice Catherine (Kerr)Pearl Maxine Grieser Depetto1877 ~ Cortland, Gage Co.
0321dPLeonard Grieser & wife Luvice Catherine (Kerr)Lee Ann Grieser1877 ~ Cortland, Gage Co.
0321ePLeonard Grieser & wife Luvice Catherine (Kerr)Leonard F. Grieser, Jr.1877 ~ Cortland, Gage Co.
0322aFJohn Jefferson BrunerMildred Bruner Floth1856 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0322bFJohn Jefferson BrunerCorinne Rockford Dahlstedt1856 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0323FJames Daniel Brown & wife Phoebe Lee (Crowley)Treva Jo MarcusMay 1865 ~ Oak Creek, Butler Co.
0324PDaniel B. Jarmin & wife Mary Ann (Richmond)E. Lucille Jarmin CouzynseMay 1873 ~ Osceola, Polk Co.
0325FLucas Covert & wife Levina (Byrd/Bird)Mary Covert Penoi1855-60 ~ Pawnee Co.
0326PLewis Ryne & wife Ida Emma (Jotten)Willard Hicks Ryne1878 ~ Aurora, Hamilton Co.2-Nov-1982
0327PWencil Kadlecek & wife Caroline (Pazobrki)Fred E. Kadlecek1869 ~ Prague, Saunders Co.
0328PHerman Havekost & wife Beta Margarete (Behrens)Eleanor Thomas Edwards1868 ~ Logan Twp., Dodge Co.
0329PNoble Wheeler Graves & wife Betsey Relief (Beecher)Dorothy Schmidt Lambert____ ~ Near Bradshaw, York Co.2-Nov-1982
0330FLewis E. Plumb & wife Mary (Shaff)Dorothy Schmidt Lambert1866 ~ Rulo, Richardson Co.2-Nov-1982
0331CAlbert August Gustav SchmidtDorothy Schmidt LambertJun 1882 ~ Saline Co. 192-Nov-1982
0332(1)PFrank Skala & wife Barbara (Ciha)Neola Belle Skala1874 ~ Cuming Co.
0332(2)PAnton Wostrel & wife Louisa (Venture)Neola Belle Skala1875 ~ Cuming Co.
0333CJoseph Henry Drinnin & wife Harriett Louise (Pomeroy)LaDonna Geiser English1882 ~ Near Columbus, Platte Co.
0334PJames Franklin Owens & wife Elizabeth (Baker)Harry J. Owens1871-72 ~ Seward Co.22-Nov-1982
0335FJohn Foster Buck & wife Mary McFadden (Schryder)Ruth Cross Stine1855-60 ~ Three Grove, Liberty Pct.22-Nov-1982
0336FSarah Ann LeesleyEllis Earl Bockelman1859 ~ Oreapolis, Cass Co.22-Nov-1982
0337FPeter Peters & wife Weabke Magdalena (Shomaker)Susan Irene Peters Zmrxel1859-64 ~ Avoca, Cass Co.
0338PHenry ChristophRoland F. PredoehlApr 1868 ~ Neligh Twp., Cumming Co.11-Dec-1982
0339CJohan/John Sundbert & wife Anna Kajsa (Sjostrom)Reuben M. SundbergAug 1882 ~ Stromsburg, Polk Co.11-Dec-1982
0340PHenry B. Roberts & wife Anna B. (Monaghan)Charles Russell Robinson1872 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.11-Dec-1982
0341PNeal A. Pettygrove & wife Mary (Michel)Marie Pettygrove Downing1874 ~ New Era Pct., Furnas Co.11-Dec-1982
0342PCarsten Meyer & wife Meta (Bohlmann)Marie Pettygrove Downing1875 ~ Stamford, Harlan Co.
0343CCharles Melkes & wife Maria (Hajek)Mae Skala Kadlecek1882 ~ Near Linwood, Butler Co.11-Dec-1982
0344PFrancis Drake Lyons & wife Rose (McCoy)Margot Lyons Adams1874 ~ Lincoln, Lancaster Co.
0345PJames K. HuntEvelyn Gerking FinkeMar 1873 ~ Osage Pct., Otoe Co.
0346PJohn Beauchamp & wife Manerva (Thayer)Irma Ione Johnston Gurney1872-9 ~ Webster Co.
0347CFrank E. Versaw & wife Sarah Christie (King)Norma J. Versaw Steinkruger1881 ~ Near Cook, Johnson Co.
0348PHiriam HeadleyWinifred Noland Spencer1870 ~ Gage Co.
0349CAlice May LeonardLawrence Robert Seymour1880 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0350FJoseph Morrison Davis & wife Sarah Ann (Murphy)Clementine Davis Hansen1862 ~ Burt Co. October
0351FLewis Jackson DavisClementine Davis HansenOct 1862 ~ Curt Co.
0352PAndres Nilsson/NelsonRussell R. NeryMar 1878 ~ Sherman Twp., Kearney Co.
0353FJoseph Orlonzo LewisArthur R. Lewisabt 1866 ~ Hall Co.
0354PSeymour Starks & wife Mary E. (Gaffney)Eleanor Thomas Edwards1870 ~ Near Coleridge, Cedar Co.
0355PFrederick M. Buck & wife Eleanor (Blake)Hazel Buck (Jorgensen)1876 ~ Exeter, Fillmore Co.
0356FWillia WetenkampGlenn W. Wetenkamp1859-60 ~ Cass Co.
0357CThomas James Vaughn & wife Anne Mathia (Halverson-Arneson)James E. Vaughnbef 1880 ~ Webster Co.
0358aFJohn Stine & wife Catherine Drusilla (Tyson)Catherine Stine JacobsonApr 1866 ~ Liberty Pct., Cass Co.
0358bFJohn Stine & wife Catherine Drusilla (Tyson)Carolyn Ann Stine HudsonApr 1866 ~ Liberty Pct., Cass Co.
0358cFJohn Stine & wife Catherine Drusilla (Tyson)Ellen Margaret Stine EdwardsApr 1866 ~ Liberty Pct., Cass Co.
0359FLewis Bird & wife Emmaline Rebecca (Current)Ruth Cross StineApr 1864 ~ Liberty Pct., Cass Co.
0360PRose Sophia BadousekJanice Murphy Benapfl1878 ~ Lancaster Co.
0361FHerman H. Hauptmann & wife Catharine Ilsa (Rolf)Floyd A. Dreyer1856 ~ Otoe Co.
0362FDavid Wilkie & wife Lavina (Halladay)Alice Brown Dreyer1865 ~ Nemaha Co.
0363FDavid Wilkie & wife Lavina (Halladay)Ramona Dreyer Wickenkamp1865 ~ Nemaha Co.
0364FHester Ann Neighbors, wife of Isaac Sears/ScearsRamona Dreyer Wickenkamp1853-56 ~ Otoe Co.
0365FGottlieb Christian BischoffArnold Henry Bischoff1856 ~ Near Talmage, Otoe Co.
0366CClaus Hinrich Winkelmann & wife Anna Marie Catherine (Kruhe)Donald Keith AndersonFeb 1881 ~ Dodge Co. before
0367PDavidson McGuire & wife Catheine E. (Booker)William Francis McGuire1877 ~ Elk Creek Pct., Gosper Co.27-Dec-1982
0368PWilson Joseph Benjamen Burkert & wife Margaret LaVonia (VanMeter)Herman John Burkert1878 ~ Precept vicinity, Furnas Co.27-Dec-1982
0369PThomas Benton Harrison & wife Mary Elizabeth (Clampitt)Harriet Elizabeth Stevenson Colburn1879 ~ Bellwood, Butler Co.
0369bPThomas Benton Harrison & wife Mary Elizabeth (Clampitt)Delores Colburn Lines1879 ~ Bellwood, Butler Co.22-Aug-1998
0369cPThomas Benton Harrison & wife Mary Elizabeth (Clampitt)Dr. Jerry Lee Colburn1879 ~ Bellwood, Butler Co.1-Mar-1999
0370FIgnaz Skala & wife Annie Victoria (Hubenka)Mae Skala Kadlecek1867 ~ Near West Point, Cuming Co.
0371FLars Olson & wife Gunnild (Cornelia Julia Gullicksdotter)Ethel Ray Miller____ ~ Cuming City Twp., Washington Co.
0372PFranz Juergin Wilhelm Hornburg & wife Catherina Dorothea Henrica (Raehse)Roland F. Predoehl____ ~ Near Marysville, Seward Co.
0373PFranz Heinrich Wilhelm HornburgRoland F. Predoehl____ ~ Near Marysville, Seward Co.
0374FJohn Michael Sittler & wife Victoria (Schneck)Gloria Gould Eshom1859 ~ Rock Creek Pct., Otoe Co.
0375PPatrick Leddy & wife Letitia (Coulter)Marian Leddy BotelMay 1879 ~ South Bend Twp., Cass Co.
0376PJohn Jackson WoodBeverly Wood Barkus1869 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co.
0377PWilliam Fletcher Gaines & wife Marietta (Compton)Betty Nichols Larsen1864/75 ~ Washington Co.
0378PLars Anderson & wife Kirsten (Simondsdatter)Alton Lowell Larsen____ ~ Lincoln Twp., Washington Co.
0379FLevi H. Turner & wife Nancy (Keithley)Ethel Ray Miller1865 ~ Desoto, Washington Co.
0380PShaler Wells & wife Catherine (Garner)Lewis Wayne Wells1872 ~ Lancaster Co.
0381PMonroe FreemanGlenna Freeman McLaughlin1879 ~ Custer Co.
0382FWilliam W. Graves & wife Mahala Pearl (Graves)Mildred Crawford Kaufman1863 ~ Cass Co.
0383PJoseph Lytle & wife Harriet N. (McArthur)Olive Hedges Peters1870 ~ Near Dorchester, Daline Co.
0384FCharles Schueth & wife Margaret ButrictPeggy Prinz Luebbert1861 ~ West Point, Cuming Co.
0385FHenry Harstick & wife Francisus Dorothea (Grovijahn)Peggy Prinz Luebbert1864 ~ West Point, Cuming Co.
0386PConrad Spenner & wife Theresia (Knievel)Peggy Prinz Luebbertbef 1877 ~ Coming Co.
0387aCCharles H. Probasco & wife Mary Jane (Jackson)Robert C. Probasco1883 ~ Blue Hill, Webster Co.
0387bCCharles H. Probasco & wife Mary Jane (Jackson)Charles J. Probasco1883 ~ Blue Hill, Webster Co.
0388PWilhelm Groeteke & wife Maria (Spath/Spaht)Marguerite Groeteke Knapp____ ~ Pebble, Ridgeley Twp., Dodge Co.
0389PHeinrich Knutzen & wife Maria (Behrends)Marguerite Groeteke Knapp1872 ~ Colon, Saunders Co.
0390PHans Knuth, Sr. & wife Wiebke (Meyers)Marguerite Groeteke Knapp1874 ~ Malmo, Saunders Co.
0391PWilliam Zebina ParmenterLucile Parmenter Moehl1871 ~ Adams Co. Nov.
0391bPWilliam Zebina ParmenterRuth Parmenter McKeeNov 1871 ~ Adams Co.28-Feb-1983
0391cPWilliam Zebina ParmenterClyde W. Parmenter1871 ~ Adams Co. Nov.28-Feb-1983
0391dPWilliam Zebina ParmenterBurtis Parmenter Johnston1871 ~ Adams Co. Nov.28-Feb-1983
0391ePWilliam Zebina ParmenterRowena Parmenter Bell1871 ~ Adams Co. Nov.28-Feb-1983
0391fPWilliam Zebina ParmenterJan D. MoehlNov 1871 ~ Adams Co.28-Feb-1983
0391gPWilliam Zebina ParmenterDennis B. MoehlNov 1871 ~ Adams Co.28-Feb-1983
0391hPWilliam Zebina ParmenterBradley A. MoehlNov 1871 ~ Adams Co.28-Feb-1983
0392PWilliam Henderson Lee & wife Margaret Ann (Strong)O. William Von Seggern1868 ~ Richardson Co.
0393FRobert H. Hammond & wife Martha J. (Woods)Billy Dean Hammond1857 ~ Pawnee Co.
0393bFRobert H. Hammond & wife Martha J. (Woods)Kevin W. Hammond1857 ~ Pawnee Co.
0394CJosef WoksaMarjorie Helen Perina Sobotha1881 ~ Douglas Co.
0395CJohn Scott & wife Caroline Jane (Aubin/Oben)Linda Scott Bouzanebef 1881 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
0396PFrederick LauneMinnie Mae Laune Messing1878 ~ Thayer Co.
0397FBenjamin Frank Thomas & wife Elmira (Dickenson)Hazel Thomas Bosworth1862/63 ~ Near Lexington, Dawson Co.
0398PThomas Corr & wife Mary Hayes (Adams)Alice Beavers Simpson1869-70 ~ Seward Co.28-Feb-1983
0398bPThomas Corr & wife Mary Hayes (Adams)Leonard Francis Corr1869-70 ~ Seward Co.
0399FHenry Eberhart & wife Mary M. (Kimball-Butterfield)Richard H. ColemanOct 1867 ~ Johnson Co.
0400FJames A. Brown & wife Sarah Ann (Shelly)Phyllis Hartley Geschwender____ ~ Brownville, Nebr. Territory28-Feb-1983
0401PJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)John Robert Dealph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401bPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Mable Jensen1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401cPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Don W. Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401dPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Dale E. Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401ePJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Julia Realph Bullock1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401fPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Harvey William Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401gPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Edward James Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401hPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Norman Woodrow Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401iPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Ricky William Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401jPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Michale Dale Realph1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401kPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Gerald J. Bullock1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401lPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401mPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0401nPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Carolee Realph Laughgren1868 ~ Dodge Co.7-Jan-1986
0401oPJohn Realph & wife Bridgett (Rogan)Elaine Marie Realph Buehler1868 ~ Dodge Co.18-Nov-1991
0402FErick EricksonLeland Nine Wahlstrom186 ~ Burt Co.
0403CAugust(us) Kaohn & wife Emma Louisa (Koch)Merry Mitchell VonSeggern1880 ~ Fillmore Co.
0404FOliver LarsonJohn Robert Realph1864-66 ~ Dodge & Washington Co.
0404aFOliver Larson & wife Anna (Olson)Ricky William Realph1864 ~ Dodge Co.11-Apr-1985
0404bFOliver Larson & wife Anna (Olson)Don W. Realph1864-66 ~ Dodge & Washington Co.
0404cFOliver Larson & wife Anna (Olson)Dale Eugene Realph1864 ~ Dodge Co.16-Oct-1985
0405aPAlvin Ball & wife Eunice S. (Comstock)Doris Glade Vogel1869-71 ~ Springfield, Sarpy Co.
0405bPAlvin Ball & wife Eunice S. (Comstock)Charles William Vogel1869-71 ~ Springfield, Sarpy Co.
0405cPAlvin Ball & wife Eunice S. (Comstock)Veronica Vogel Swenson1869-71 ~ Springfield, Sarpy Co.
0405dPAlvin Ball & wife Eunice S. (Comstock)Laural Anne Vogel1869-71 ~ Springfield, Sarpy Co.
0405ePAlvin Ball & wife Eunice S. (Comstock)Sarah Elizabeth Vogel1869-71 ~ Springfield, Sarpy Co.
0406PJunius (John) Valentine LentellRobert Dean Elliott1878 ~ Douglas Co, Platte Pct.24-Mar-1983
0407aFChristian Hinrich MenckJacqueline Menck BurnettJul 1857 ~ Grand Island, Hall Co.24-Mar-1983
0407bFChristian Hinrich MenckSusan Marie MelicharJul 1857 ~ Grand Island, Hall Co.24-Mar-1983
0407cFChristian Hinrich MenckNancy Lee WulfJul 1857 ~ Grand Island, Hall Co.24-Mar-1983
0408PJohn Isaac DavisVirginia Bixler Cassells1877 ~ Antelope Co.24-Mar-1983
0409FSamuel Pickel & wife Nancy (Shamp)Rolland Bernard Pickel____ ~ Middle Creek Pct., Lancaster Co.24-Mar-1983
0410aPJohn HarseMildred Harse Deitz1879 ~ Polk Co. 1872 / Buffalo Co.
0410bPJohn HarseEvelyn Harse Clarke1879 ~ Polk Co. 1872 / Buffalo Co.
0410cPJohn HarseJane Harse Swain1879 ~ Polk Co. 1872 / Buffalo Co.
0410dPJohn HarseElaine Harse Schoonmaker1879 ~ Polk Co. 1872 / Buffalo Co.
0411aPJoseph Wylie Cassel & wife Mary Elizabeth (White)Mildred Harse Deitz1872 ~ Fillmore Co.
0411bPJoseph Wylie Cassel & wife Mary Elizabeth (White)Jane Harse Swain1872 ~ Fillmore Co.
0411cPJoseph Wylie Cassel & wife Mary Elizabeth (White)Evelyn Harse Clarke1872 ~ Fillmore Co.
0411dPJoseph Wylie Cassel & wife Mary Elizabeth (White)Elaine Harse Schoonmaker1872 ~ Fillmore Co.
0412CClinton G. Grant & wife Mary W. (Erwin)Elva Ida Grant McCullough1881-82 ~ Sioux (Brown) Co.
0413PGeorge Chapman Harrison & wife Catherine (Halstead)Jean Schaffer Richter1879 ~ Hitchcock Co.
0414CRichard Foggitt Steuteville & wife Narcissa Ellen (Haynes)Genevieve Steuteville1880 ~ Brownville Pct., Nemaha Co.
0415PHenry RoelofszPatricia Jo. Roelofsz Umland1868 ~ Sunlight, Tipton Pct., Cass Co.
0416PJohn M. Conner & wife Sarah Ann (Mobley)Shirley Conner Baxter1870 ~ Sprague, Lancaster Co.
0417PJonathan Sprague Mattley & wife Hannha Maria (Aldridge)Virginia Thomas Redman1878 ~ Near Burwell, Garfield Co.
0418CWilliam Burgess HewettGary William Hewett1880 ~ Keya Paha Pct., Holt Co.
0419PEllen CrarenJames J. Craren1874 ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.
0420FJacob GollDonna Peak Loschen1855 ~ Cuming City, Washington Co.
0421PGeorge Morris Wilmot & wife Julia Carolina (Stutsman)DiAnna Ruth Rebman Schimek1874 ~ Franklin Co.
0422PJohann Jacob Graf & wife Judith (Schegg)DiAnna Ruth Rebman Schimek1871 ~ Franklin Co.
0423CJennie Elizabeth ChapanDiAnna Ruth Rebman Schimek1881 ~ Riverton, Franklin Co.
0424CGottlob Frederich Rebman & wife Katherine Friederika Louise (Burkey)DiAnna Ruth Rebman Schimek1883 ~ Harlan Co.
0425PThomas Alexander McMillin & wife Sarah Jane (Hunt)Milton Clair Grimes1872 ~ Bennet, Lancaster Co.
0426PJohn Toomey & wife Catherine (O`Donnell)Paul A. ToomeyOct 1878 ~ Fillmore Co.21-Apr-1983
0427FIsrael BeetisonMargaret Elaine Beetison Bockelman1857 ~ Ashland, Saunders Co.21-Apr-1983
0428PLuckey Montgomery & wife Mary Elizabeth (Beall)Beulah Montgomery Engberg1864-68 ~ Lancaster Co.21 Apr 1893
0429FMargaret Everine HigginsElynor Young Holstein1859 ~ Nemaha Co.
0430FWilliam Russell YoungElynor Young Holstein1867 ~ Richardson Co.21-Apr-1983
0431PBernard Frederick Geils & wife Helene Catherine (Schole)Bernard H. Stumpe1869/1876 ~ Dodge Co.
0431PHeinrich Gerhard BusselmanBernard H. Stumpe1869/1876 ~ Dodge Co.
0432CJosef Georg Vacek & wife Antonie (Marek)D. JoAnn Shimonek Schiefelbein1882-83 ~ Friend, Saline Co.
0433CJohn Darling Lashure & wife Olive (Patterson)Roy E. Schiefelbein1880 ~ Richland Pct., Saunders Co.
0434PFriedrich Frey & wife Regina Barbara (Warker)Roy E. Schiefelbein1879 ~ Marshall Pct., Clay Co.
0435FWilliam M. Jones & wife Rebecca Jane (Morris)Rachel M. Jones Hayward1856 ~ Territory of Nebraska (Dakota Co.)
0436CMathees (Martin) FrerichsMartha Kern Elliott1883 ~ Jefferson Co.
0437PJohn Schoepf & wife Katherine Barbara (Ruckdaeschel)Roland F. PredoehlJun 1868 ~ Near Marysville, Seward Co.
0438FGeorge Washington Doan€ & Frances Lucinda (Wheeler)Vivian Doane Butterfield1865 ~ Southbranch, Otoe Co.
0440aPFrank Aloysis Plouzek & wife Marie Philomena (Pintar)Carol Evans DeVries1875 ~ Saline Co.
0440bPFrank Aloysis Plouzek & wife Marie Philomena (Pintar)Beverly Evans Allen1875 ~ Saline Co.
0440cPFrank Aloysis Plouzek & wife Marie Philomena (Pintar)Col. Paul Roger Evans1875 ~ Saline Co.
0441FIsaac Henry Fowler & wife Rebecca (Hill)Jody K. Boyd1858-60 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
0442FAndrew Schultz FowlerJody K. Boyd1858-60 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
0443PHenry Clay Tinnell & wife Francis Jane (Hicks)Jody K. Boyd1870-74 ~ Plattsmouth, Cass Co.
0444PJohn Thomas MinnickJohn Thompson MinnickJul 1871 ~ Republican City, Harlan Co.
0445PRobert Newton Turpin & wife Mary Ellen (Leonard)Letha Maxine Turpin StewartApr 1878 ~ Rock Co.
0446PDavid McDowell Shellenberger & wife Ellen (Thompson)Lee Schellenberger1868 ~ Brownville, Nemaha Co.
0447PMathias ThernesGertrude Meier Swanson1871-72 ~ Ridgeley, Dodge Co.
0448FJohn Donovan & wife Mary Jane (Hickey)John Donovan Roney1866-67 ~ Chapman, Merrick Co.
0449PJacob Baker & wife Maria M. (Bergstresser)Charlotte Baker MoomeyJun 1874 ~ Near Benedict, York Co.
0450PNels AndersonClarice J. Anderson1879 ~ Blair, Washington Co.
0451PMartin RasmussenClarice J. Anderson1875 ~ Near Kennard, Washington Co.
0452aFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Glen DeLett1861-66 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452bFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Wilma Lattin Lewis1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452cFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Sandra Jeanne Lewis Locke1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452dFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Dale Allan Lewis1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452eFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Dianne Arlene Lewis Gardner1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452fFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Ollie Lattin1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452gFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)June Carol Lattin Jacques1861 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452hFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Kelly Anne Locke1861-66 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452iFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Christopher Barry Locke1861-66 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452jFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Michael Allan Lewis1861-66 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452kFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Marc Allan Lewis1861-66 ~ Lancaster Co.
0452lFClinton Eli Lattin & wife Mary Elizabeth (Owens)Tracy Ann Thompson1861-68 ~ Lancaster Co.
0453CJeremiah H. Taylor & wife Anne Eliza (Phelps)Dennis G. TaylorNov 1882 ~ Auburn, Nemaha Co.
0454FPeter Cartensen & wife Fanny Maria (Jackson)Mae Carstensen Ritthaler1866 ~ Saunders Co.
0455PMichael Ritthaler & wife Harriet (Zipprich)Herbert William Ritthaler1874 ~ Dorchester, Saline Co.
0456aFGeorge Washington Hurley & wife Susan Rebecca (Furrow)Dena Davis Lewis1859-60 ~ On Long Branch, Richardson Co.
0456bFGeorge Washington Hurley & wife Susan Rebecca (Furrow)Reed Davis1859-60 ~ On Long Branch, Richardson Co.
0456cFGeorge Washington Hurley & wife Susan Rebecca (Furrow)Alonzo J. Davis1859-60 ~ On Long Branch, Richardson Co.
0457aPEdwin Blake RodgersBelvadine Reeves Lecher1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457bPEdwin Blake RodgersBetty Jane Rodgers Freeman1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457cPEdwin Blake RodgersDorothy Rodgers Friedrich1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457dPEdwin Blake RodgersRobert Edwin Rodgers1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457ePEdwin Blake RodgersEvelyn Rodgers Winter1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457fPEdwin Blake RodgersGary Lee Rodgers1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457gPEdwin Blake RodgersJames Elwood Rodgers1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457hPEdwin Blake RodgersRoyce Edward Freeman1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457iPEdwin Blake RodgersRodger Dean Freeman1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457jPEdwin Blake RodgersLeland Woodrow Freeman1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457kPEdwin Blake RodgersImogene Betty Freeman1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.
0457lPEdwin Blake Rodgers & wife Elizabeth Bell (Brown)James Elwood Rodgers1876 ~ Orchard, Antelope Co.29-May-1994
0458PCharles W. King & wife Mary Elizabeth (VanFleet)Jack King1873 ~ Central City, Merrick Co.
0459PMordecai Smith & wife Martha Jane (Allum)Margaret Smith Brennan1868 ~ Ponca, Dixon Co.
0460PLorenzo Hugh Smith & wife Alice M. (Barber)Margaret Smith Brennan1868 ~ Ponca, Dixon Co.
0461PAvery Barber & wife Mary C. (Noyes)Margaret Smith Brennan1868 ~ Ponca, Dixon Co.
0462FMichael Calnon & wife Bridget (Halea)John Thomas Vohs____ ~ Omaha, Douglas Co.1856
0463PAmes Smith Isgrig & wife Mary Ann (Jones)Nancy Isgrig Murphy1875 ~ Fremont, Dodge Co.
0464FPeter Reinert & wife Mary (Cummings)Nancy Isgrig Murphy1866 ~ Tekamah, Burt Co.
0465PLawrence Henry Byrnes & wife Bridget (O`Connor)Nancy Isgrig Murphy1869 ~ Platte Co.
0466PMathias Gietzen & wife Catherine (Freh)Nancy Isgrig Murphy1868 ~ Dodge Co.
0467PLorentz HansonPaul Robert Nelson1868 ~ Washington Co.
0468FDavid Whisler & wife Elizabeth Ellen (Miller)Lorna Jean Whisler1865 ~ Tecumseh, Johnson Co.
0469FElizabeth Adell CrandallLorna Jean WhislerNov 1859 ~ Tecumseh, Johnson Co.
0470PHamilton Evans & wife Ruth (Bontrager)Laura Evans ForemanSep 1868 ~ Pleasant Hill, Saline Co.
0471PGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Wesley H. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471bPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Kevin F. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471cPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Craig M. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471dPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Wesley C. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471ePGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)William T. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471fPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Veronica G. Kobler Quinn1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471gPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)George N. Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471hPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Leora Bell Kibler Smith1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471iPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Gretchen C. Kibler Rist1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471jPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)David Jason Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0471kPGeorge Washington Kibler & wife Frances Lovina (Cornwell)Karin Nicole Kibler1873 ~ Colfax Co.
0472PRobert Tayler/Taylor & wife Ama/Amy Mary (Goldizen)Betty Jane Taylor PlettnerFeb 1870 ~ Fillmore Co.
0473PGeorge Silas Johnson & wife Marilla Celia (Sowards)Clarence LaRue1869-75 ~ South Bend, Cass Co.
0474PJames McGeahinMargaret Janet McGeachin VestalMar 1873 ~ Orleans, Harlan Co.
0475PJohn Sothan & wife Augustus (Michal)Norman L. SothanJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.6-Sep-1982
0476PCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Norman L. SothanJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.
0476bPCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Henry Elden SothanJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.19-May-1985
0476cPCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Mildred Lucille Sothan (Carter)(Freeman)Jun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.19-May-1985
0476dPCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Rayn Scott SothanJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.19-May-1985
0476ePCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Melvin David SothanJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.13-Aug-1985
0476fPCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Anne Leigh Sothan PotterJun 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.31-May-1989
0476gPCarl Sothan & wife Augusta Caroline Frederika (Utes)Laura Christine Sothan (Gerhards)(Trotts)Jul 1870 ~ Lancaster Co.2-Aug-1991
0477aFChristian Rist & wife Cathrine (Hug)Olive R. Rist HunzekerJul 1858 ~ Richardson Co.
0477bFChristian Rist & wife Cathrine (Hug)Ruth N. Hunzeker ElwellJul 1858 ~ Richardson Co.
0478PGeorge Lockie & wife Barbara (Bast)Carole Burrill Gifford1868 ~ Otoe Co.
0479PWilliam SeiffertReta D. Seiffert1866-67 ~ Norfolk, Madison Co.
0480PMontgomery Robison & wife Sarah Jane (Lehew)Elvin D. Lytle1872 ~ Grafton Twp., Fillmore Co.
0481PMoses Lytle & wife Amelia Henrietta (Fox)Elvin D. LytleNov 1876 ~ Grafton Twp., Fillmore Co.
0482PGeorge Washington LytleElvin D. Lytle1872 ~ Grafton Twp., Fillmore Co.
0483PJames W. Guilford & wife Arvilla (Monroe)Joan S. Guilford1878 ~ Marquette, Hamilton Co.
0484aPFrantisek Chudomelka & wife Eva (Janecek)Elma Elizabeth Wisnieski1871 ~ West of Crowell, Dodge Co.
0484bPFrantisek Chudomelka & wife Eva (Janecek)Elma Bures Wisnieski Ratzow1871 ~ West of Crowell, Dodge Co.
0484cPFrantisek Chudomelka & wife Eva (Janecek)Wilma Marie Bures Zarmstorf1871 ~ West of Crowell, Dodge Co.15-Feb-1985
0485PWilkison Farrar & wife Sarah (Livingston)Eula Marie Holtze Brown1871-73 ~ Franklin Co.
0486CManoah Harden Sillivan & wife Frances Jane (Finley)Mary Wyllie Heple1880 ~ Seward Co.
0487CJohn/Johannes M. Stahly & wife Mary/Maria (Stahly)Doris Stahly RonneMar 1883 ~ Near Milford, Seward Co.
0488CJacob Donner & wife Froen (Switzer)Laura Jean Worsham1882-83 ~ Aurora, Hamilton Co.
0489PElbert TorreyRose V. Torrey ChapmanApr 1873 ~ Fairbury, Jefferson Co.
0490CAugust Kluge & wife Ann Pauline (Doehler)Wilma Kluge Vodehnal1880 ~ Garfield Twp., Buffalo Co.
0491aFJoseph stambaugh & wife Catharine (Zimmerman)Rose Marie Osborne Smith____ ~ Calhoun Terr/Saunders Co.
0491bFJoseph stambaugh & wife Catharine (Zimmerman)Thomas Eastwood Smith III____ ~ Calhoun Terr/Saunders Co.
0492CSamuel Swiger & wife Nancy Amos (Hall)Mary Goodno Mitteistet1882 ~ Burt Co. Mar
0493PWilliam Woolsey & wife Hanna (Wolf)Mary Goodno Mittelstet1878-80 ~ Beatrice, Gage Co.
0494FEmory Peck & wife Mary F. (Bunn)Thomas Eastwood Smith Jr.Nov 1864 ~ Nemaha Co.
0494bFEmory Peck & wife Mary F. (Bunn)Thomas E. Smith IIINov 1864 ~ Nemaha Co.
0495PEdith Hoder OstlerDorothy Larson Redfield Pepper1869 ~ Elkhorn Pct., Douglas Co.
0496aPArthur Francis McGarrMary Connolly Fugate1876-78 ~ Beatrice, Gage Co.
0496 bPArthur Francis McGarrElizabeth McGarr Connolly1876-78 ~ Beatrice, Gage Co.
0497FSamuel Haxton & wife Elizabeth (Beach)Melvin Charles WhiteNov 1859 ~ Salem, Richardson Co.
0498PJoseph Balthasar Leu & wife Frances (Teodorski)Marjorie Leu Skala1874 ~ Wahoo, Saunders Co.
0499aCEdward Benjamin Miller & wife Bertha (Bernstrauch)Sally Elizabeth Miller1881 ~ Hadar, Pierce Co.
0499bCEdward Benjamin Miller & wife Bertha (Bernstrauch)1881 ~ Hadar, Pierce Co.
0499cCEdward Benjamin Miller & wife Bertha (Bernstrauch)Melvin Gustav Edward Miller1881 ~ Hadar, Pierce Co.
0500aPJames H. Creamer & wife Lydia Lavona (Lau)George Raymond WheelerJun 1870 ~ Madison Co.
0511bPJames H. Creamer & wife Lydia Lavona (Lau)Karleen Creamer WallJun 1870 ~ Madison Co.
0501FWarner Folden & wife Mary J. (Dearman)Charles Warner Folden1857 ~ Cass Co.
0502aPDavid K. Staples & wife Laura Emily (Smith)David K. Rice1872 ~ Neligh, Antelope Co.
0502bPDavid K. Staples & wife Laura Emily (Smith)Gladys Roberta Rice Clark1872 ~ Neligh, Antelope Co.
0503PCharles Marion Herndon & wife Jane (Gilchrist)Jane Marie Herndon Taylor1871-72 ~ Saline Co.
0504FMartin Welton Propst & wife Catharine (Snyder)John Phillip RamseyJun 1867 ~ Cass Co.
0504aFRobert McCarty & wife Julia “Judy” (Reemer/Remer)Juanita Faye Lilley Gredsted1854 ~ Douglas/Sarpy Co.
0504bFRobert McCarty & wife Julia “Judy” (Reemer/Remer)Alyce Cary Roberts1854 ~ Douglas/Sarpy Co.
0505PFredrick Bank & wife Fredricka W. (Ortmann)Nelma Joyce Neimeyer Hawthorne1874 ~ Near Blue Hill, Webster Co.
0506aFMartin Welton Propst & wife Catharine (Snyder)Paul Allen Curtis1867 ~ Cass Co.15-Nov-1985
0506bFMartin Welton Propst & wife Catharine (Snyder)John Paul Lambert1867 ~ Cass Co.15-Nov-1985
0507FFriedrick Donner & wife Friedricka (Bars)Orville Merle Vossabt 1866 ~ Hoskins, Wayne Co.
0508FCharles Carl Green & wife Friedericka (Donner)Orville Merle Vossabt 1866 ~ Hoskins, Wayne Co.
0509aPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Harlan Keith BlackApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509aPEliza (Sherratt) BrownHarlan Keith BlackJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509bPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Chrysi Lynn BlackApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509bPEliza (Sharratt) BrownChrysi Lynn BlackJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509cPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Carol J. Black RandallApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509cPEliza (Sharratt) BrownCarol L. Black RandallJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509dPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Dale James LimogesApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509dPEliza (Sharratt) BrownDale James LimogesJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509ePWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)David Larry LimogesApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509ePEliza (Sharratt) BrownDavid Larry LimogesJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509fPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Robin Nicole LimogesApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.
0509fPEliza (Sharratt) BrownRobin Nicole LimogesJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.
0509gPWilliam D. Watson & wife Sarah H. (Rogers)Amber Lynn LimogesApr 1870 ~ Pebble Twp., Dodge Co.20-Nov-1987
0509gPEliza (Sharratt) BrownAmber Lynn LimogesJun 1869 ~ Pleasant Valley Twp., Dodge Co.20-Nov-1987
0510PAnn Eliza GunnDelta Gunn Beelaert1879 ~ Friend, Saline Co.
0511CAndreas Nissen & wife Johanna Dorathea (Davids)Delmar A. Nissen1883-84 ~ Thompson Pct., Pierce Co.
0512PJames JefferyHarold Henry McGill1870 ~ Mill Pct., Waverly, Lancaster Co.
0513FCharles Woodbury Giddings & wife Clarissa (Griffing)Patricia St. Clair OstwaldMay 1858 ~ Table Rock, Pawnee Co.
0514FAnna (Jordan) SmithPatricia St. Clair Ostwaldbef 1860 ~ Wyoming P.O., Otoe Co.
0515FLorenza Waugh SmithPatricia St. Clair Ostwaldbef 1860 ~ Wyoming P.O., Otoe Co.
0516FElizabeth (Neikirk) SpielmanJohn Dimick Spielman1857 ~ Tekamah, Burt Co.

2 thoughts on “Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s Family Recognition files”

  1. How do I make application? My Great Grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Brown, settled first in Barneston, Gage County by 1884. He and family then moved on to Keith/Perkins by 1887 where he became the first elected County Clerk. Tragically, he died soon after making his acceptance speech.
    Thanks so much!
    Beth (Brown) Golden

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