E.A. “Art” Whitaker 35mm slide collection

Marsha Swift, a local researcher and special projects volunteer here at the Center purchased an old metal film slide box at a local auction.  Marsha was unaware of the exact contents of the box but she had a feeling that the photo slides may contain some photographically historic information that should be preserved.  A preliminary look at a few of the slides through an old slide projector yielded some information that lead us to believe that some if not most of the slides in the box may be one family’s photo documentation of their involvement in, and the building of the Yellowtail Dam in Montana in the mid to late 1960’s.

Our project, when started, will be to scan each slide image into a computer to digitally archive the collection and make the photos available to the general public on our website.  Once completed the original slides may be donated to the Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center in Montana.

  • Project Name: Whitaker collection
  • Project Manager: Floyd Smith III
  • Project Details:
  • Project Status: In-Progress
  • Percent Completed: 20%
  • Project Statistics:


Number of slides in the Collection


Number of


description of stat

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