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The staff here at the Research Center have taken on many projects over the years, some have been completed, some are still a “work in progress” and some are still in the discussion stage. However, all of our projects are designed to utilize the talents and limited volunteer time of some of our patrons who want to help but can’t commit to a regular or stringent schedule. Regardless of the project type, all of them eventually become a resource for us to use for future research requests. Some of the projects we are currently working on are listed below.

If you would like to volunteer your time or expertise to one of these projects, or you have an idea for a project for us, please let us know. We also invite you to consider contributing financially to our efforts.


Active Projects

Obituary collections

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center staff has been clipping obituaries out of…

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Probate Index & Files

Probate is the process that transfers the legal ownership of property from someone who has…

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Memorial Book collection

Memorial books, also known as funeral guest registers, generally serve two primary purposes. The first…

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Panhandle Burial Index

Completed Projects


Pending Projects

Phelps Co., Probate -Book F

Project Name: Phelps Probate FProject Manager: Project Details: Project Status: Pending / PlanningPercent Completed: Project…

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